Beautiful solid teak indoor-outdoor furniture in timeless designs

Who we are

Skagerak is a company steeped in Scandinavia’s geographic splendor and rich furniture design traditions. Our focus on superior quality with a passion for wood has resonated throughout our evolution into an industry leader in modern designs. We embrace the enduring design principals of established designers, while looking to promising new talents for the next contemporary furniture collection.

Design with sustainability in mind

At Skagerak, we are committed to developing products that have functional and aesthetic qualities that will be relevant twenty years from now. By creating furniture that is built to last and imbued with timeless style, our products have a long life-span that minimizes the impact on the environment. This blending of design and sustainability inspired our motto "design for generations" and serves as the framework for our company’s mission statement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that responsible manufacturing practices and good working conditions are obligations that lead us to an overall positive impact on our world, our industry and with our customers.

Three key areas

  • Design – Considering the responsible and efficient use of raw materials and resources, and not simply how good our furniture looks
  • Production – Ensuring that our product designs are realized through the use of suppliers who live up to standards we can vouch for regarding labor and safe work environments
  • Use – Minimizing the environmental impact of our designs in the short and long run by creating furniture that lasts decades

To learn more about our effectiveness, read our recent report from the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress.


The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization which certifies forests that fell no more trees than can be reproduced. Concurrently, flora and fauna are protected and forest harvesting personnel are ensured proper training, equipment and safety measures.

Skagerak supports this conservation mindset and uses FSC-certified wood whenever possible, with the goal of using it exclusively by 2020. We have been a member of the organization since 2003 and our Quality Manager was elected to the FSC Denmark executive committee in 2014, ensuring our ability to collaborate and stay abreast of new developments.

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