Workshop Descriptions

Beginner:  These sessions include basic information about the given subject and are intended for individuals unfamiliar with the topic. 

For example, Budget Basics, covers how to complete a budget and a budget framework document that each organization can customize for their own use.

Intermediate:  These sessions include limited overview content.  They are intended for individuals with some familiarity and experience with the topic and/or specific questions about the content.

For example, How to Write a Marketing Plan, participants will learn how to write an actionable marketing plan that is focused on helping you meet your specific organizational goals and objectives. 

Advanced:  These sessions are designed for seasoned professionals with experience in the topic area.  Advanced sessions typically include group and individual work. 

For example, Nonprofit Finance Oversight and Management Training, a workshop designed for the Board Treasurer and the Executive Director to understand how to carry out the board oversight and ED's responsibilities including developing a monitoring action plan.

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