Nonprofit Management Information and Referral

Nonprofit Management Information and Referral

Nonprofits need a trusted, go to source for nonprofit management information, tools and publications.

Looking for information about Executive Director Performance Evaluations?  Want to know more about legal filing requirements for your organization?  Need a sample Conflict of Interest Policy?  Visit the Related Links and Resources section of the BEST website or contact Mary Bishop at BEST for assistance.  We can provide online links, publication recommendations and partner referrals for most nonprofit organizational development needs.  Areas might include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership development and governance
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Technology as a Tool
  • Risk Management including eligibility for pro bono legal services

Eligibility:  Individuals and Genesee County nonprofit representatives (staff, board, volunteer) are eligible for Nonprofit Information & Referral Services.  BEST does not provide legal advice or assistance with establishing a 501c3 organization.  The Related Links and Resources section does provide some links to useful links likeStaying Legal if you are starting a new organization. 

Cost:  Nonprofit Management Information and Referral services are provided free of charge to representatives from Genesee County 501c3 agencies.  Individuals or representatives from organizations that do not have a 501c3 designation will be considered for services on case-by-case basis.                  

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